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Inspiration. Fun.

When it comes to your event, you want two things from a speaker: they should be interesting, and entertaining. I like to dial it up a notch and add in some personal, powerful motivation (what can I say? I like to overdeliver).

Everyone loves stories, whether it’s your granny at Sunday lunch or the lads down the pub, and if you want a talented storyteller who knows how to give a great message and inspire good feelings, I’m your woman.

People want to learn, and they WANT to be motivated and feel like they can take on the world. Knowing what to say, and how to say it, is what makes a great speaker – and that’s what you get with me.


Who am I?

I’m Tash Freeborn and I’m a trainer, coach, and speaker.

I believe in the power of storytelling.

You’ll always find that as part of a talk, and I can guarantee you’ll learn something too.

If you’d like to book a talk, or learn more about how I can provide a great speech for you, get in touch.

Slide New book
just released!
Oh, what’s that? You also heard I wrote a book? Yeah, it’s a little old thing I put together when I was busy wondering how I could turn a rubbish time in my life into a positive experience (you might have guessed that’s how I do things). The proof is on Amazon.


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