Natasha Freeborn, Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Certified Master Coach

Who am I?

I’m Tash Freeborn, and I’m a trainer, coach, and I occasionally speak for audiences (as well as helping others do that too).


If you’re interested in personal coaching, arranging a talk, or would like a speech written for you, get in touch.


I’ve always been good at speaking to people, one on one and in groups. And you know how you don’t know what your talents are when they come naturally to you? I never thought it was a big deal until I had to start presenting and networking in my corporate career. That’s when I realised not everyone found it as easy as I did.


Once I became a trainer and coach in NLP, I found myself speaking to people, and in front of groups and audiences of various sizes, as a full-time job. More and more, I got asked to speak at engagements and functions, because people liked the stories I had to tell, and how I told them.


What can I do for you?

Got an event that you’re looking for a speaker to attend? Or maybe you just want to add something a little interesting to something you’ve got coming up?


I speak pretty candidly about a lot of things, and I’ve spoken to all kinds of audiences, from secondary school students to women-only groups, in fashion stores and offices. I talk about mental health, motivation, and empowerment. I know what makes a difference to people, and I know what can really make an impact.


Want your talk to have a really specific theme? Just tell me what it is. Then I work to put together a fun, interesting, and engaging talk that fits your needs and that the people at your event will love and enjoy.

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