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Oh, what’s that? You also heard I wrote a book? Yeah, it’s a little old thing I put together when I was busy wondering how I could turn a rubbish time in my life into a positive experience (you might have guessed that’s how I do things). The proof is on Amazon.

Break The Chains

How to move forward when you feel held back


You might find that you want to arrange a talk on the subject of persistence and grit and how much of an impact that can have on your long-term success.


As a speaker, I occasionally give talks on the subject of my book, Break the Chains – this might be a talk you want to arrange that is specific to the book or it might be tailored in a way that simply references the book.


When I wrote this book, I’d been through a really difficult time and wondered if what I learnt could help others too.

It took me a while to get around to feeling a bit more like myself.

“have the grit and determination to come out the other side”

That’s the reason I wrote this book – I figured if I could come out the other side and I’d learned a few things along the way about how to keep going when it gets tough and when it feels like everyone’s against you, then maybe what I learned would be useful to other people in that same position.


Your guests might be interested to learn that it’s possible to be in a really difficult position and have the grit and determination to come out the other side – and how to do it. That’s the kind of talk I can deliver for you.

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“Following your heart on a new venture, whether creative, entrepreneurial, or a new career, can be the most exciting and exhilarating time of your life”.


A must have for anyone pursuing their dreams

Ben Bradbury

``Even for the most driven and ambitious amongst us this is a must have guide to better understanding of, and communication with, those around you.``

Beautifully written


``A must read for anyone wanting change...``

Good easy to read and underating

Margaret J.

``It is a good book to turn to if you are having trouble getting yourself motivated whether those holding you back are friends, family or yourself.``





Natasha Freeborn, Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Certified Master Coach, sets out the fundamental steps for how to break the chains of negative thinking and move forward with your life. With real life examples, tips, advice, and exercises, this book will help you move past the criticism and negativity of others to fulfil your dreams.


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